Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ORC Is Not Only In Retail

Organized retail crime or ORC is a system where people turn stolen goods into cash. This organization is how the people involved make money to live off. The members of ORC are called "boosters" The boosters go into stores and steal big amounts of products and will sell them online, in flea markets or in family owned stores. Most people think of people stealing clothes, shoes or jewelry but recently the booster are going into pharmacy’s or grocery stores and stealing tons of over the counter medicine. According to the article ICE ORC on May, 21 2003, the ICE, which is an organization partnering with the retail industry and law enforcement to stop ORC, arrested 27 members or an ORC team. The ICE found two truckloads of medicines and other pharmaceutical goods worth over $2.5 million. The ICE is working on figuring out the system and all the tricks of ORC to try to stop it. The people that are involved in the ORC are smart. They have to be to be able to steal thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of good from just one store. One of the tricks is to audit bank accounts. The economy in its recent state has not made it any easier to control ORC. It is on a rise and needs to be stopped.

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