Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowy Spring 2011

It is the start of a new semester and it was quite an interesting start. It started with lots of snow, icy roads, and freezing temperatures which actually caused school to start a week later then normal. I made sure that I had some of my best friends sleepover Sunday night so we could all be snowed in together and it was a very good idea because I can not imagine how bored I would of been without them. I thought it was a blessing at first then life started to get a little boring. I never realized how boring it is to be stuck in a house for a week not being able to drive a car and go anywhere. I walked down the street to a near by Walgreen's to get the "must haves" like wine, food and toilet paper but after a couple times of walking to Walgreen's I was tired of seeing the same cashier (who was stuck at there for the whole week.) By Wednesday I was ready to go back to school and work. Well not so much work considering I still got paid. The snow week made it harder for me to get back into the school and work routine the next week because after having a week of doing nothing you get pretty used to being lazy. Once school started I went to my classes and realized that morning classes were not for me this semester so I had to switch around my whole schedule and finally I got a perfect schedule to start a perfect semester! How was your snow week and the start of a new semester?? Where you as bored as I was? Or did you enjoy being lazy for a week?